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Postpartum Program Schedule

* Commute type (Mon-Fri)


Mother. Newborn Observation * Kitchen Check
Breastfeeding of newborn babies and checking diaper condition
Checking around the sink, washing dishes and home ventilation



Break from 1 to 2


* Prepare dinner, *

Prepare for feeding, Organize your house

Preparing for meals with my husband, preparing for breastfeeding


Organizing breastfeeding supplies, womans wormwood warming

(hands and feet)Disinfection of baby bottles and nursing supplies. There is a slight
difference between natural delivery and surgical delivery.
 (Natural childbirth maternity left bath)  (Cesarean section mother is wounded

after 3 ~ 4 weeks after the wormwood bath


* Mother's Snack

* Baby Bath & Breastfeed Baby Bath (Whole Bath) Depending on the condition of the baby,

(Since the functions of the stomach and intestines are weak after giving birth,
a small amount of food is often eaten and a simple snack is prepared.) Newborn bath and
massage are performed.


* After work

Make final arrangements and check the safety of the house.


Breast Massage (minimum 2 days, maximum one week). Sitz Bath (Sitz Bath)
Promotes blood circulation in the uterus, ready for quick recovery of the perineum
(In case of natural childbirth) Breast massage to prevent mastication and
breastfeeding abundantly (2 to 3 days for mastitis  or 1 week for the first week)


Laundry for newborns (1 day ~ 2 days) Adult laundry (twice a week)

* Use of washing machine. Basic cleaning of the house (baby room, toilet cleaning)


* Lunch and kitchen arrangement

Meal preparation dishes based on daily menu


* Body massage and postpartum gymnastics

* Natural delivery pelvis. Pelvis> Legs> Face,
belly, pelvis, pelvis, pelvis, legs, belly, pelvis

* Surgical delivery bridge> Faces and legs> Legs> Legs> Legs
Leg massage, belly massage, pelvic massage, etc., depending on the
delivery. By inducing blood circulation and correction of the body 'On Saturday,

(Additional massage) Natural childbirth: abdomen, pelvic massage Surgery

childbirth: leg massage

The first 2 or 3 days after the start of postpartum care may not follow the schedule. Yes> Massage


* Timetable may change after consultation with mother.
* Baby feeding time can be adjusted according to the situation of mother (basic feeding  interval is 2 ~ 3 hours for breast milk,

   3 ~ 4 hours for formula)
* Postpartum caregivers do not take medical care. (Please contact the center for medical treatment.)

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