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Mom's Care

Moms Home Care is the comprehensive Home care  company in east coast .
  • Safety liability insurance (200 million dollars)

  • Home care operations

  • Free mother's classroom management

  • The certificate issued

Prospective coordinator will be the professional manager toacquire the qualifications and training certificates through the
following process:


  • To Complete Professional theoretical training class (60 hours)

  • To Complete Practical training class (30 hours)

  • To Obtain Home Care Certification

  • To Obtain Postpartum Coordinator Certificates

  • To Obtain Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) Certificate

  • Immunization inspection certificate -   T-DAP: Tetanus (Tetanus), diphtheria

      (Diphtheria), pertussis (Whoofing Cough), tuberculosis (Tuberculosis Test), flu shots (Flu Shot)
As such, Qualifying Coordinator, who has certification through  training process, can give the customer the postpartum care service. 
Through accumulation of experience and knowledge, Moms Home Care can be provide the best Postpartum care program basse on  t
rust and faith. In addition to the benefits offering to customers in Moms Home Care.

  • The partnership benefits (20% DC)

  • Recall service

  • Evaluation of Customer Service Rating

  • In case of referral to others, can get Gift card(Amazon).

Mams home care is the best effort not only to get the mother’s health but to prepare a healthy future through Moms Home Care Program

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