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Maternity Class

Every Saterday 1pm Start

Maternity Class



1st Week. Syllabus


Things to prepare for the prenatal stage

1.preventative breast massage for the postpartum mastitis 


2.list for a newborn baby





2nd Week. Syllabus


Things to Prepare for the postpartum stage


1. When birth sign, things to prepare for the hospitalization


2. useful hospital programs  loctation consulting.


3. Neonatal Jaundice


4. Foods to select carefully after childbirth



3rd Week. Syllabus


useful knowledge for the Breast Feeding


1. How to use baby bottle


2. How to breast-feed / Lactation


3. How to use breast pump


4. How to manage breast milk


5. Food to avoid while breast feeding


4th Week. Syllabus


How to take care of a Newborn Baby


1.How to hold a baby


2.How to give the baby a bath


3.How to change the baby diaper


4.How to overcome the postpartum depression

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