working hours and working style

* It takes more than 20 minutes based on the location of the company such as Manhattan and the other states.

House Visits

Commute type

Postpartum caregiver commutes to maternal home and prepares after childbirth

living type

The postpartum caregiver moves into the mother's home and prepares for postpartum care.

Mixed type

It is a mixed form of commuting type and tenant type, and it is a type that is converted into a  residential type in the early part and commuter type after the middle part.


Services for pregnant women who are born overseas and prepare for postpartum care

1 week consulting

Consulting and maternity goods

set up for family care without supervisor.
Massage of Mastitis

Full body massage

Personal massage 2 hours
Massage included Massage

Massage 1 hour


Breast feeding method
How to keep breast milk